Tips and Tricks : Discover the different tips and tricks I learned along the way as I took steps into parenthood, from learning how to be a responsible and supportive partner to being the parent I need to be for my child to live the happiest and healthiest life.

Product Reviews: Read reviews of products we used in our own household: the hits and misses, the likes and dislikes, the whys and the why nots.

Q&A Series: Enjoy insightful interviews and conversations with other parents, baby industry experts, product manufacturers and more as we explore different topics related to parenting.

Dad Thoughts: This is a series in which I share random musings and thoughts about parenthood. But our thoughts on parenthood and parenting are informed by a wide spectrum of observations and experiences, and with this in mind, once in a while I invite friends and family to share some of theirs in the Guest Parent Thoughts edition.

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