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The Ultimate Parent Backpack: A Q&A with It’s Designers

"Our little ones inspire us along the way and our creativity is primarily driven by the fact we are parents heavily involved in our little ones' lives and love travelling as a family." - Kelvin Kamhunga, Elev8ed Cre8ion

Full disclosure, it will be irresponsible of me to note call out the fact that I am related to the founders of Elev8ed Cre8ion: Tanatsa Kamhunga is a relative of mine, and his wife is the brains behind this company and product. But rest assured, this was not a solicited or sponsored post. I’ve been eager to do a Q&A Series on my blog where I interview families baby industry experts (pediatricians, photographers) and baby product manufacturers. And since I just so happened to know someone who specialized in baby products, I thought I would feature them as a proof of concept.

The Backstory

Last year, when my fiance and I announced that we were having a baby, Tanatsa reached out to me and said, “You don’t have to worry about adding a diaper bag to your baby registry, we’ll send you one of ours.”

And true to his word they did send us one, a prototype design for their next production run.

Fast forward to three weeks ago as I was thinking of starting this blog and conceptualizing the Q&A Series as part of its content, I remembered the diaper bag and the fact that I actually knew a baby product manufacturer, someone who wouldn’t mind answering a few questions no matter how dumb or redundant. And since it was a relative, I figured they wouldn’t mind being my proof of concept, and so here we are.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the Kamhungas and their family-owned business, Elev8ed Cre8ion, a company that strives to design and produce baby products that help make parenting easier.

The Interview

Tell us about your family:

My wife, Deileta, and I went to the same University for our undergrad, the first Historically Black Colleges and University called The Lincoln University out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. I graduated a year before my wife started at Lincoln, however my younger brother and wife were in the same class. Based on who you ask, we officially met for the first time at my host parents for dinner, but to be honest I had seen her and was eyeing her for a minute but just thought she was way out of my league. We are here now though, and she is all mine lol! We have two beautiful daughters Matipa Zahara, 4 years old, and Maita Mudiwa, 2 years old. These little princesses are what birthed Elev8ed Cre8ion and remain our inspiration and test subjects for products to this day.

What inspired you to create Elev8ed Cre8ion?

When we were expecting our second daughter, my wife was lamenting about how none of the bags she was seeing on the market were practical as they were too small, and the insulated pockets could barely fit a bottle of milk. I jokingly said she should make her own bag and she took it very seriously and started designing the bag. Once her creative juices started flowing it was infectious and we dove deep into an official product development phase to ensure the product we would end up with was attractive yet still very practical. The name Elev8ed Cre8ion comes from our belief that the most elevated form of creation is that of a human being ,and our products are aimed at providing the highest level of quality and satisfaction for your elev8ed cre8ion. The play on the 8 is a tribute to my wife’s sorority line number as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

How do you feel being parents helps inform the look, feel and function of your products?

As parents, we develop products that we use and are practical without sacrificing quality and optics. We develop products we know make sense for parents. Our little ones inspire us along the way and our creativity is primarily driven by the fact we are parents heavily involved in our little ones’ lives and love travelling as a family.

What do you feel makes your products stand out from others on the market?

The quality and practicality of our products speaks for itself. Those who have bought The Ultimate Parent Backpack can not fathom how they were able to live without it before their wise purchase. The Ultimate Parent Backpack is sizable enough to cater for families of multiples, and it’s such a practical bag to travel with. The bag does not scream out, “I am a diaper bag,” so you can grow with it and it remains very practical way after your little one is out of diapers. It is in essence 3 bags in one, a diaper/baby bag, a parent bag, and a laptop bag. We recently updated The Ultimate Parent Backpack and the 2.0 version is due for release sometime this June. Parents, you will thank us later for the updates on the new and improved Ultimate Parent Backpack. We made updates to an already awesome bag to incorporate feedback we got from parents just like you. Believe us when we say you will fall in-love with The Ultimate Parent Back-pack 2.0. We are introducing 5 new colors in addition to numerous other updates.

What’s in the future for Elev8ed Cre8ion?

Without giving out too much, I can say we are working on a stroller that will be a game changer in the industry. We are still in the product development stage and working on patents to protect our proprietary innovations. What we can guarantee you is our next cre8ion will definitely be elev8ed! Shark Tank is something we have our eyes on as we are growing at such a rapid pace…..stay tuned!

To learn more about Elev8ed Cre8ion lev8ed Cre8ion and their products, visit their website Elev8edCre8ion.com or follow them on Instagram at @Elev8edCre8ion

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