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Product Review: Playfully App

Today, my fiance took over my Product Review post of the week. She is a huge fan of the Playfully App and so it only made sense that she do review. Enjoy!

As a parent, I wasn’t sure how to play with our little one. I felt he was ready for next level engagement or activities but I wasn’t sure what those were. So I set out on an adventure to find ways to play with our baby that would help with his development and keep him progressing in every way possible and hitting those milestones.

Discovering the Playfully App

With that said, a mother in my Makeup and Mommies Facebook group mentioned the Kinedu App which is supposed to be great for baby activities. While searching for that App however, I stumbled upon the Playfully App which had a higher user rating (and still does today!) So I took a chance and went with what the users score insisted I download: the Playfully App.

Playfully App Description

“Playfully is an app designed to help busy parents spend more meaningful moments nurturing their children. Created for parents of children ages 0-3, Playfully partners with developmental experts to bring you quick, fun and easy activities you can play, everyday.” –

Why We Love It!

Since downloading, the Playfully App has been a great resource for me and my fiance, This New Dad. It has been so much fun for the following reasons:

  • I love the D.I.Y activities. Most can be made with materials already in the house, for example, playing with parchment paper in a pillow case which helps cognitive development at 2-3 months;
  • The Playfully App offers you a daily list of new activities based on your child’s age;
  • However, if you want to skip ahead based on your child’s development (or go back), there’s a catalog/library that lets you jump and forth if you wish. Our little one did jump ahead in some of the cognitive and physical activities;
  • The activities are designed to hit 4 important milestones Cognitive, Physical, Social & Emotional and Language;
  • If you’re unsure about how to do some of the activities, the app also Baby and Me Video Classes! I learned how to properly massage our little one for example, which is important for physical development, and also learned some Baby Yoga, which actually helps baby learn to be mobile;
  • And of course, like any other great app designed for parents, you can track, archive and memorialize your child’s individual growth and development: adding notes, taking photos and more;
  • The app also has Development Experts that explain in a clear and short manner why and how even the simplest activities you do with your baby are in important and imperative for healthy development;
  • And you can use the App for more than one child, with each one having their own profile and activities based on their age and developmental stage;
  • And another thing we love? The price: It’s only 4.99 per month. Accompanied with a 2 week trial, this seem quite a fair ask.

All in all, this is an amazing app, and I can’t wait for the next play activity! Tomorrow’s? Glow Stick Bath.

Final Score: 5/5


This New Dad’s Fiance,


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