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Special Post: Happy Mother’s Day to My Fiance

A few months before our little one was born, I sent her a calendar invite and the subject read: Mother’s Day Lunch with Mommy and Reign. The plan was simple but sentimental: we would go out as a little family, baby in his little grey outfit matching daddy, retrace our first date and have a nice meal at the little restaurant we went too after our first walk.

But that was 5 months ago, and the world is a little bit different now and everything is upside down—our favorite restaurants are closed, everyone is wearing masks, my anxiety makes me paranoid about taking her and baby anywhere, and the Golden State Warriors suck.

So the world owes us a redo, and whenever everything goes back to normal, regardless of what time of the year it is, I plan on having that memory lane Mother’s Day lunch.

Till then, I just wanted to wish my fiance the most amazing Mother’s Day. She is beyond beautiful, loved, and appreciated. She is our everything and we would be incomplete without her.

Love you always,

Your Sexy Man and This New Dad,


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  1. Kwapi. Everything you do is amazing. Ali and Babaloo are so fortunate to have you in their lives. Kudos to you.😊


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