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Product Review: Our Nanit Plus Baby Monitor and Sleep Tracker

We love our Nanit Plus Baby Monitor, although sometime it feels like owning a Bugatti you never drive more than 50 mph—we don't use it to its full capabilities, but we hope to.

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My friend warned me: the one thing you will obsess over as a first time parent is safety: sleep, travel, babysitters etc. And true to my friend’s warning, my fiance and I were no exception. While my fiance found herself obsessed with car safety and test ratings, eventually splurging on a Nuna Travel System (review coming soon), I found myself obsessed with sleep safety and monitoring, and for good reason.

The Story Behind My Baby Monitor Anxiety

I have a little brother with developmental problems. A my father explained, my little brother started developing breathing problems soon after being born. They were so severe that on some nights they feared they would lose him. My parents visited different doctors who unfortunately gave the wrong diagnosis: they thought it was his tonsils, and so they removed them. But the breathing problems continued.

It was only after seeing a specialist that they found out my little brother had enlarged adenoids that had been stopping his breathing during sleep. They surgically removed the adenoids (adenoidectomy), saved his life and solved the breathing problems, but due to the damage caused by oxygen being frequently cut off to his brain, he had permanent developmental issues.

Between my little brother’s ordeal, and the fear of SIDS, I became obsessed with Baby monitors and sleep tracking. I researched a lot of product, some of which are listed at the end of this review, before finally settling on the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Pros

  • Check In On Your Baby From Anywhere: With the Nanit app, you can check in on your baby from anywhere at anytime. I remember being at work one day and checked in on my little one’s afternoon nap. He had somehow managed to move and press his face into the walls of the bassinet (breathing hazard). I quickly called his mom and she ran into the room he was in and adjusted him: little guy was okay, but who knows if another 10 minutes would have changed the outcome.
  • The App & Sleep Metrics: The app is incredible when it comes to the information available to the parent on the Dashboard: Time asleep, sleep efficiency, room temperature and humidity, time-lapse video replay, sleep tips etc. great information … if you know what to do with it. We are still learning.
  • Invite Other Members: Depending on your subscription and how many people it limits you to, you can add your baby’s grandparents, babysitter or anyone else you trust to be able to view him through the cam. And you can set permission levels too.
  • Works When Internet Goes Down: Its of course a wireless device whose full capabilities rely on your internet, however, should your internet go out, it will still work.
  • Track Breathing: Of course, this is what we bought it for, although funny enough, we do not use the breath monitoring function yet because our little guy’s bassinet is still in our room and there is less anxiety because of it. But once he moves into his crib which will be in a different room, we will take advantage of the breathing features.
  • Other Cool Features: Sound and Motion detection and notifications, HD video quality, nightlight, two factor authentication for security, Alexa enabled, built-in sound machine and cable shielding to keep your little one from getting tangled up.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Cons

  • Expensive: Its an expensive piece of equipment, but in line with other devices in its category.
  • Tiered Subscriptions: The other downside is that it has tiered annual subscription levels and it can add up over the years.
  • Expensive Accessories: To take advantage of the breathing monitoring, you have to buy the Nanit Breathing Wear Starter Pack needed for it. If you don’t like putting holes in your walls you will have to buy the floor stand directly from Nanit. And if you want Nanit Multi-Stand to travel with or put on your dresser, that’s going to cost you too ($49). They do have bundles though: See Below
  • Sound/White Noise Machine: I wish it had more options than just the four available (Birds, Waves, White-noise and Wind).

They Do Have Great Bundles

It is fair to note that although the accessories are pricey, you can get the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor bundles:

We Do Love It!

There are a few cheaper devices out there that claim to do the same thing like the Cocoon Cam. But do I regret purchasing this Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor? Not at all. Although at times it feels like owning a Bugatti you never drive more than 50 mph (80kph), I am certain we will use our Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor to its full capabilities as our little one gets older, moves into their own room, and they become more active and independent. This device was definitely decided to grow with your child.

Final Score 4/5

Other Smart Monitors

This are the other smart monitors I can across during my research. They all have their pros and cons and I shared my own reasons as to why I decided not to go with them.

The Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo (Smart Sock + Camera): This came up as one of the best on many lists, but many complained about the smart sock which always came off and needed constant washing, and others complained about false alerts that heightened anxiety rather than reduce it.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor: There was no major reason I did not settle for the Miku. It was really just a toss about between it and the Nanit and it all came down to which had the most reviews.

Honorable Mention: Cubo Ai Baby Monitor: I eliminated it for two reasons: 1) It was new to the market and had no reviews whatsoever at the time I was looking for smart monitors and 2) It tracks if your baby’s mouth and nose are covered by items or if your baby is stuck rolling over, not breathing.

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