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My name is Kwapi and I am first-time father.

My name is Kwapi and I am first-time father.

When I found out we were pregnant, I was beyond excited. This was something I had dreamed of. Having children is something I’ve always wished and hoped for, but I always found myself waiting for the right person and the right time. And when I met my son’s mother, now my fiance, the wait was over. And about a year and half into our relationship, we started working towards having a baby, and soon after, we knew the little one was on his way.

But with every passing month and every ultrasound visit and heartbeat heard through the fetal doppler, the more nervous I got. It was a good kind of nervous, a delicate balance between excitement and the realization that I needed to get ready. I wasn’t worried so much about the obvious things such finances, health and life insurance or the baby shower and registry, but more so, the everyday and more obscure things such as safe sleep and SIDS, perinatal depression, safest car seats and strollers, picking the right pediatrician and more.

This New Dad shares my first-time parent jitters and the many steps and resources I discovered along the way to set my anxieties at ease and step into fatherhood with confidence. From personal anecdotes to product reviews, interviews with experts to conversations with other first time parents, I hope This New Dad does for you what many of the things I share did for me: provide a sense of piece of mind or at the very least, provide a path to it.

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